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We were married on December 17th, 2005 and have enjoyed every minute of it :) We had our first child, Isabella July 15, 2010. We couldn't be happier!! We love life to it's fullest and love God with all our hearts! We are pretty much the coolest people you will ever meet :) We get along with pretty much anyone. Daniel is a born and raised Washington Redskins fan, and Brittny is a born and raised Dallas Cowboys fan (Crazy I know) We are pretty much opposites on everything except for our love of each other and our daughter, I think thats what makes our relationship work so well.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

And the Craziness Begins...

This is what I will look like for the next 125 days!!! --------------------->

Daniel started his 4th year at DTS (although he is going part time this year, so it will take him 2 more years to graduate) Monday he also started teaching preK kids. He was beyond exhausted when he finally got home at 9:00pm that night. Those kids wore him out. Plus he has another job so he works everyday of the week!

I started back to school as well, my schedule was supposed to be: Monday night web design class from 5:30-8:30p, Tuesday/Thursday morning Music class 8-9:20a (I was leaving work to take this class and then coming in early or leaving late to make up my time), Saturday math class 9-noon and then PE online…. BUT the music class I was in, wasn’t core but I was told it was… the thing is its SUPPOSED to be core next semester so if I take it this semester and IF it becomes core next semester it will count for me… but no one could give me a straight answer and I didn’t want to take the class and it not count for me. SO I dropped it and added Humanities on Thursday night 5:30-8:30p. That way I know it counts towards my degree.

Our lives are SO busy we barely have time to breath.

HOWEVER- we do have some fun things planned for the end of the year. We have a wedding in September (here in town). October we are going to DC to meet up with family and then driving to North Carolina for Daniel’s cousins BEACH wedding, which is why I have been trying to lose weight! 15 pounds down, 15 more to go!!! October we are having family pictures done, and I’m super excited to have Brad Shull photograph us! He does AWESOME work, I mean AWESOME- here’s proof: www.shullphotography.com . November I was going to try and go to Hawaii with my sister but we are going to push that trip to the beginning of next year. Daniel and I are going to New Orleans in November with some friends, Adrian and Jennifer for a SBL conference. Well Daniel and Adrian are going to the conference, Jen and I will shop and have fun! Everyone knows I LOVE New Orleans! Then December we are going back to DC for the birth of my cousin’s son! LOTS of FUN things planned!!!

xoxox- Brittny

Monday, August 10, 2009

Crazy Baker Lady

Lots of baking this weekend, I had 5 cakes and 60 cupcakes to make!

I learned a very helpful tip when making cupcakes. I always have the hardest time getting my cupcakes to be even and then dipping on the pan while trying to fill my cupcakes up. So I tired this technique I took a Ziploc bag and wrapped it around a plastic cup like so:

Then I filled it up with some yummy strawberry batter:

Once your bag is ready hold one corner up and snip a tiny corner off, then place the bag over the cupcake pan then turn slightly down and lightly squeeze the bag then turn up and move to the next cupcake until they are evenly filled:

Then they come out perfect:

All 60 of them:

Here are all the finished cakes and cupcakes I made: