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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My New Eyeballs!

Posted By: Brittny

**Side note** Yes, I did delete my last post, (I Might Be Losing It) not because I don't completely stand by what I said, but sometimes we do things so other people will be happy. So I still don't want to talk to certain people about my personal life, If I want you to know private details about me- I will tell you- trust me. But thank you to all the people who left such sweet comments-

Ok back to my eyeballs! So I couldn't sleep last night at all I kept thinking I was over sleeping and then I was dreaming I was having it done, so when 3:30A came along I was up and ready to go! We got to Dr. Boothe's office at 4:30A, Daniel just dropped me off and I went in checked in. about 5:30A they called me back and rechecked my eye prescription, gave me a valium to relax, then started to numb my eyes. After they numbed my eyes they took a pen and drew on the surgical marks on my eyes.

See the black dot? those are the surgical marks (Click image to enlarge)

Yes I know I have eye boogers, but you have to remember the flap of my comeal is just laying on my eye so i'm not aloud to touch or get anything near my eyes- so no eye makeup either. AAAHH!!

After that I went into another waiting room for about 30 minutes to ensure the medicine had set in. They take you back into a cold room where all the lasers are. The first machine you go to you have to lay down with your knees bent. first they ask you to spell your last name and ask how old you are and then they put this plastic thing to prop open your eyelid and this mechines kind of sucks your eyeball (of course at the time I didn't know what they were doing nor did I care b/c of the meds :) and everything goes black- during this time they are cutting the flap of the comeal tissue showing the deeper stroma. This processes takes about a minute per eye Click Here to see a picture.

Once that is done you are moved to another chair the "laser chair" this one you lay completely flat on your back look up at the lights. The doctor comes over asks you to spell your last name and tell them your age again and then they proceed. the put the eye proper thing in again you can see them move you flap but then your vision is blurred. the laser comes down does its thing total about 15 seconds per eye. Once they finish the laser part you can see him flip you flap back over on you eye and then place a antibiotic lens over both my eyes. I didn't have to do anything but lay there. Click Here to see a diagram of what all goes on.

Once thats done the tape up your eyes for 30 minutes and then your done!!!!!!!!!!!

They give you these super-cool goggles to wear outside and in the shower for the next week.

I look cool don't hate :)

They also give you these REALLY cool plastic circle things to tape yes I said TAPE to your face while you sleep for the next week.

In addtion to all this I have to put medicated drops in my eyes every two hours and then "tears" in my eyes every 15-20 minutes so my eyes dont dry up.

So thats-that I CAN SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!