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We were married on December 17th, 2005 and have enjoyed every minute of it :) We had our first child, Isabella July 15, 2010. We couldn't be happier!! We love life to it's fullest and love God with all our hearts! We are pretty much the coolest people you will ever meet :) We get along with pretty much anyone. Daniel is a born and raised Washington Redskins fan, and Brittny is a born and raised Dallas Cowboys fan (Crazy I know) We are pretty much opposites on everything except for our love of each other and our daughter, I think thats what makes our relationship work so well.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Crawling… Maybe someday

So Isabella has a little boy (space) friend who is four days younger than her and guess what?! Yup! He’s crawling! Yes I’m that mom and I think my kid is well… better at everything! (Even though I know she’s on schedule with all the other 7.5 month old babies) She was sitting up unassisted by five months, completely holding her bottle by six and dag-nab-it she should be crawling by now, but she doesn’t even look like she wants to. She’s a diva I guess – in a good way of course. She is however pulling up on things, and my mother informed me that I wasn’t really a crawler I just went straight to walking. So she could take after her wonderful mother!

In other things, I am going out of town Sunday and will be gone until Wednesday- this will be the longest I have left her. I might cry… But I know daddy (Grammy and Nantie) will take good care of her!!

Also, today is my birthday!! The big 2-5!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

So... I pretty much suck at blogging

I really want to start blogging, I feel like I have so much to say but no one will listen! SO what better way to get my thoughts out!! :-)

Isabella is 7 months old, she's not crawling...yet but you never know she may just skip the whole crawling thing and just start walking like me!

I bought a book today called, "Play and Learn" and I am so excited about it!! It is different activities you can do with your baby through toddler years!! I'm really big on playing with Isabella, by the time I get home from work I have roughly two hours to spend with her before she goes to bed- thats not a lot of time, so I want to make every minute count! At least on the weekends I can stay home and spend lots of time with her. We also have started the "Baby Signs" books. We have a friend who started her baby on them at an early age and it was so awesome seeing her communicate with their baby before she could talk! And no it did not delay her talking! She is two now and talks just fine, she actually talks better than any two year olds I've seen.

On another note, my birthday is Monday! I will be 25!! Crazy!! And next Sunday I leave for Vegas!

I am going to try really hard to blog more, so those 2 people who actually care right now will know whats going on with us! HA!