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We were married on December 17th, 2005 and have enjoyed every minute of it :) We had our first child, Isabella July 15, 2010. We couldn't be happier!! We love life to it's fullest and love God with all our hearts! We are pretty much the coolest people you will ever meet :) We get along with pretty much anyone. Daniel is a born and raised Washington Redskins fan, and Brittny is a born and raised Dallas Cowboys fan (Crazy I know) We are pretty much opposites on everything except for our love of each other and our daughter, I think thats what makes our relationship work so well.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday in the Park and Prairie Lights

Posted By: Brittny

Well every year my sister and I get our two little cousins and do something Christmassy and we always go to Prairie lights. So this year we went to Holiday in the park with our family. Of course we did pick the day were it got FREEZING! It was SO cold but we rode rides drank hot chocolate and had tons of fun together! Oh and I started get a cough on Friday and going out in the cold did not make it better – I sound like a person who has had one two many cigarettes- not fun!

Me and Daniel

Dad and Sister

Then Sunday night we took our cousins to Prairie light and of course uuurbody in da club was there (im gansta I know) and of course it was the coldest day of the year – which only made my cough worse! But we always have fun taking the girls there. This year they had an outdoor light park you could walk through so they girls wanted to do it because they "had to see it" so we went through it but we did more of a light jog through it. Here are pics form last night.
All us in the car

We always pick the coldest day of the year to go!!!

Goddaughter and Anniversary

Posted By: Brittny

We were hoping our goddaughter would be born on our anniversary but she was born on December 16th @ 10:51p and hour and ten minutes short from being born on our anniversary so close! But it shows what kind of a diva she already is she didn't want to share her day with anyone she knew - she is so sweet and so little she was 5lbs and 9oz, and she's beautiful!

Three years already- wow time really does fly! Well our day was really uneventful- we both had doctor's appointments and Daniel was pretty sick so we ate hotlinks and laid in bed and started watching the TV show Damages from the beginning – sounds fun huh? But we were together and that's all that counts!

We look really bad here we were both sick...

This is us on our wedding day!

Ice Sculptures

Posted By: Brittny

Oh where to start… It was effin' COLD! We had fun and it was really cool to see what all they can do with ice – There is not really much to say we had fun – I don't know if it was worth $23 bucks per person. I probably won't ever do it again until I have kids and they are like 7-ish…

Here are pics:

This SO pretty

My sister and her boyfriend

Daniel and me

The Fam
Sister, Mom, and me
Dan and Me


Posted By: Brittny

Well we had a wonderful thanksgiving – Daniel had to work from 11p-4p so he missed our first thanksgiving. I got up early went over to Daniel's family's house and we had thanksgiving there, it wasn't the same without my sister-in-law, nephew and niece, but we did have them on the iChat on the tv so it was good times!

At one I headed back home dropped my car off to Daniel, my parents picked me up and we headed out to my uncles house and had thanksgiving dinner over there!

Once Daniel got off work he made his way to my uncles house.

Here are pictures from the day

My Dad and me

My sister and Ryan

My mom and dad

Me and one of my best friends Kate

Me and my two little cousins Madison and Paige

Daniel and me

Some of my family

We had a wonderful thanksgiving as we always do!