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We were married on December 17th, 2005 and have enjoyed every minute of it :) We had our first child, Isabella July 15, 2010. We couldn't be happier!! We love life to it's fullest and love God with all our hearts! We are pretty much the coolest people you will ever meet :) We get along with pretty much anyone. Daniel is a born and raised Washington Redskins fan, and Brittny is a born and raised Dallas Cowboys fan (Crazy I know) We are pretty much opposites on everything except for our love of each other and our daughter, I think thats what makes our relationship work so well.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Love

I remember when people would tell me the love you have for you child is so different than anything you can imagine. I never really believed or I guess could even possibly understand that statement. I remember seeing my little cousins when they were born and thinking how much I loved them and how I never wanted anything bad to ever happen to them and I wanted the very best for their lives. I even have the same love for my sister, I feel the need to protect and provide for her every need. Not wanting them to see them hurt, or them ever seeing me as weak, although knowing this is impossible. These feelings are still the same, but now with this child in my womb I have a completely different understanding of love. This is MY child a part of ME and my husband, my very best friend in the entire world and together we created her. I haven’t even seen her face and the love I have for her is so strong and so different than any love I have experienced, and I know once I lay my eyes on her for the first time that love will only continue to grow. Feeling her move and seeing her heart thud through my belly makes my heart so unbelievably happy. I can’t wait for her to get her and have a new understanding of life and as a mother. Although I do struggle with how I will feel when her and I are no longer one. When she is not with me all day, when I can’t look down and see her, when I can’t protect her from hateful people, when she will have to experience life and all the bad things it has. But I also know how much good will happen to her and how awesome of a woman she will become. Okay, that’s enough sappyness for one sitting, just some things I have been thinking about.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Update

So my weekend DID NOT go according to plan, but I did get some stuff done.

Lily’s blanket – check
Isabella’s blanket started – check
Hospital bag – nope not done
Hair cut – check

Oh and a couple other things did happen
Rear-ended – check
Parent’s car died on me – check

So, Friday night I really wanted Red Lobster for dinner so my sister-in-law took me! It was SO YUMMY!! Saturday was a lazy day, I finished Lily’s blanket, started Isabella’s and just laid on the couch and watched TV. We had a family thing at Daniels moms house at 4:00P, so we got ready and headed over there. We were on the highway when all of the sudden everyone is slamming on their breaks (for no reason – really). Daniel slams on his and I just waited for the person to crash into us, and sure enough within seconds a car slams into the back of us. It just jolted us, and no one was hurt. But of course the guy did not have insurance OR a drivers license, he did have a TX ID so we have a copy of it. He was 19 and his car was done, ours had a few bums and bruises but not half as bad as his.

Here is his car:

I will get one of ours later.

THEN Sunday I skipped church to go get my hair done, (my hair lady doesn’t work on Sundays so she can do my hair at her house for half the price, so this is why I skipped church! But her air condition wasn’t working so I met her up at her the salon). Well, on my way to the salon, I get off the highway and start taking a loop-around and my parents car starts locking up on me. The steering wheel gets really hard to turn and the car feels like I am pressing the breaks. So that’s what I thought, I thought I had confused the gas pedal with the break pedal, so I tapped the other pedal and realized nope I am pressing the gas and this car is about to die on me! So then I begin to say please God let me make this loop, please God let me make this loop. If I died on the loop I would have blocked up SO MUCH traffic, luckily I barely made it off the loop and just far enough up so cars could pass me. So then I proceed to call my mom, no answer – then my dad, no answer I know Daniel wont answer his phone because its praise and worship time and he is playing drums and wouldn’t hear or feel his phone. So I call my mom and dad over and over again, and I know they are in church too and probably wouldn’t feel/hear their phones. A couple pulls over to try and help me but they couldn’t, then a police officer pulls over and he thinks the car is out of gas (my parents gas reader-thing doesn’t work, so they go by miles so according to the miles the car should have had gas). So the police officer takes me to get a gas, we get back and put the gas in the car and the car still doesn’t start. UGH! I still haven’t gotten a hold of anyone, besides my hair dresser so she comes to my rescue. FINALLY I get a hold of Daniel and he leaves church to come help me, but he is like 45 minutes away! The police officer says to try and jump it and if that doesn’t work then we will have to tow it (we were at a busy intersection) so they close the road so my hair dresser can turn her car around and try and jump start my car, and it works!! Her and I go to the salon and I proceed to get my hair cut, and Daniel meets me there. We go out to the car wondering if it is going to start and it does!! Daniel drives their car and I follow him in our car. We are driving down the road and all of the sudden Daniel gets out of the fast lane, and if you know Daniel you know something is wrong if he is getting out of the fast lane. So immediately I knew the car was dying again, he was able to make it to a safe shaded place; we try and jump it and nothing. So I call my dad and tell him we might need to tow it, him and my mom come out and my Dad and Daniel work on the car for 30-45 minutes and they cant get it, finally dad says lets just try and put more gas in it. And then it works!! My parents take the car right to the gas station and fill it up, some how the miles got messed up and it was out of gas the whole time!! All that for some gas!! By this time I was ready for the weekend to be over and to be safely back at work :-)

Fun Weekend!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Things to accomplish this weekend

I have been working on a blanket for my cousin’s baby, Lily and I just have the border left. I have been so tired I basically come home eat and go to bed, so the border has taken me forever to finish. However, I do not want Lily to be grown by the time I finish, so I have set a deadline of this weekend! Next, I want to start a blanket for Isabella, not a crocheted blanket but a quilt and I am so super excited about it!! I saw the idea from someone’s newborn pictures and I just fell in love with it! I will definitely post pictures when I am done. I also need to pack our hospital bags with what I can; she will technically be full term on June 22nd so she could be here any day! I have been looking at list on what to bring and I think I finally have a good list! I won’t bore yall with putting it on here. Also my niece, Brooke, will be spending Saturday night with us so I will need some fun things for her to do!! Lastly, I need to get my hair cut – we are taking maternity picture Monday evening, and I am SUPER excited about these!!!!!!!! This completes my list of task I have to do this weekend, of course we will be celebrating Fathers day as well!!

Have I mentioned I think I have met the max of stretching?? I do not think my belly can get any bigger!! :-)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catch Up Blog!!

I haven’t blogged in a while, but SO MUCH has happened!! I will try and catch you up fast!

November 16, 2009 – This was already a special day since it is one of my best friends, Kate Rowley’s birthdays as well as mine and Daniel’s little cousin Alana Willis’s birthday. So, I figured I would wait until this day to take a pregnancy test. It wasn’t easy, but I decided I wouldn’t even buy a test until the night before so I wouldn’t be tempted to take the test early. November 16th was a Monday morning so Daniel and I got up early to get ready for work and I took the test… 2 minutes went by (felt like an eternity) and I watched it flash and flash and then it popped up and said PREGNANT! My eyes just about fell out of their sockets, I ran to the living room and handed the pregnancy stick to Daniel (with pee still on it- haha) and said, “am I reading this right?!” Even though it very clearly had written PREGNANT on it I was just in shock!! Daniel looked at it and looked at me and said, “It says your pregnant babe!” and then he just hugged me. I finished getting ready for work shaking and saying over and over, “OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!” I went to work and still over and over I kept saying oh my gosh! Of course, I couldn’t tell anyone at work because we wanted to tell our family first. I did however call the doctor and have to go in for blood work and to check my levels; two days later I had to go in and make sure my hormone levels doubled and they did!! So we were set for our FIRST sonogram on December 2nd, 2009 to hear the heartbeat. We were told by the doctor if we heard a heartbeat our chances of miss-carrying would go down to 5%, so we were very encouraged by this.

Of course I wanted to do something very special to tell our families, but it was going to be weeks before everyone’s schedules could work out to all get together so, we called everyone on November 17th, 2009 and told them the great news!! EVERYONE was so happy to hear!! My parents were out and about and HAD to go to the store right then and by a onesie with stars on it so they could be the first to get something for the baby!

I would ask Daniel what he thought about hearing your heartbeat, he said he already knew what it sounded like, and I said what does it sound like? And he thudded to the tune of hail to the Redskin’s song- he’s so funny.

December 2nd seemed to take FOREVER to get here but it did! Daniel, Aunt Jessica, my mom, Daniels mom, and I all pilled in the sono room to see and hear the heartbeat. The sonographer started the sono and there he/she was the cutest little blob I had ever seen, and to hear the heartbeat was magical. I was in love. The doctor had us come back on December 16th just to make sure the baby was developing well, since it took us so long to become pregnant. Which I’m was very happy about because I will get to see the baby again!!

February 16th 2010, (18 weeks ) now this day really took forevvvvvver to get here! We couldn’t wait for this appointment, we would find out if we were having a little boy or girl!! Our appointment was at 2:30P, Daniel, Aunt Jessica, my mom and Daniels mom met me up at the doctors. We went back to the office and Daniel called Shermane and Tim on the phone and my mom called my dad all while Jessica recorded, we were all super excited to say the least!! It took the sonographer about two minutes to say IT’S GIRL!! Everyone was SHOCKED I think we all just thought it was a boy. I think I was the most shocked, Daniel said he had prepared himself for it. Although right after she said we were having a girl Daniel said, “She’s still going to me my son!” haha! After the appointment Daniel and I went shopping to buy the first gender specific items, the first thing we bought was a little brown beany with a pink kiss mark on it! Then it was all down hill from there, we (I) have not stop buying stuff for her!! Oh and before the appointment Daniel bought a hug-a-bible for her. We were so happy all day and night and could not stop thinking about our daughter. We had a list of boy and girl names and we had agreed on Kara (joy) for a girl, but when knew for sure it was a girl Kara just didn’t fit, and we also had Isabella (vowed to God) on the list and we knew that was her!

March 10th, 2010 (21weeks) due to my low placenta it took me a little longer to her, but this particular day I was in bed watching a show and I turned on my left side and I thought I rolled on the covers so I reached under my stomach to pull what I thought was the covers out from underneath me and then realized I wasn’t laying on anything. It was her all snuggled up on my left side and I could feel her little body. Such a sweet moment!

March 13th, 2010 Daniel and I were laying on the couch and he started to move the pillow and I flinched and he said what? I asked if he just accidentally hit my belly and he said no, and I realized it was her! I felt her kick (or punch)!! I smiled real big and said she kicked, she kicked! So Daniel placed his ear on my belly to see if he could feel her and she kicked again! But it was too light for him to feel, but I was beyond thrilled!!

March 31st, 2010 (24weeks) – every night since I felt her move Daniel would try and feel her move he would talk to her and ask her to kick me so he could feel too. FINALLY she kicked for him and he lightly felt her, but he still wasn’t satisfied so April 1st, 2010 she was moving like crazy and I told him to feel and she was kicking and punching and he could really feel her (although he thought I was April fools-ing him, how I could do that I’m not sure) He was so happy and talking to her, we love her so much it’s almost unreal.

One of my favorite things is when your Daniel and I get in bed and he holds me and wraps his arm around my belly holding her too and he talks to her and he always says he is holding his two girls, makes my heart smile every time.

May 12th 2010 (30weeks/1day ) – We had a doctor’s appointment today at 2:00P. my mom, Daniel and I were all there and we got to see Isabella!! She weighs approximately 3.8 pounds! Getting SO big! She is still a girl so that’s good! Especially since we have SO much PINK!!! She is doing great and we only have one sono left before we get to meet her! But I will continue to go to the doctors every other week until the last month and then I will go every week! Aaahhh we are getting closer!! Cant wait!!
May 13th 2010 (30weeks/2days ) – Daniel and I started our birthing classes, I was so excited to start these (Daniel, now that’s a different story- he’s squeamish at blood) but it was an intro class about the body and different terminology that we should be familiar with. We both really enjoyed it!

May 15th 2010 (30week/4days ) - BABY SHOWER!!! This was the best baby shower ever!! Everyone who loves you was there!! I spent SO much time planning everything about this shower I wanted it to be perfect and it was. My mom, Brenda and Jessica helped too, I just knew how I wanted the shower to go so I planned it Shermane came in town and brought Leo too! Leo broke in Isabella’s crib and some of the toys we got for her at the shower! Shermane took awesome pictures as you can see, it was so magical.
Click Here to see pictures of my baby shower!! (Only if we are Facebook friends, if not you will have to add me!)

May 16th 2010 (30weeks/5days) – HER ROOM!! (and Jessica’s) We got all her bedding, pictures, toys, clothes and everything else put up and I love sitting in her room and looking at all the pretty things! I can’t wait until she gets here to see it!!
Click Here to see pictures of the baby’s room!! (Again only if we are Facebook friends, if not you will have to add me!)

May 20th 2010 (31weeks/2days) – Stretch marks!! About a month ago I realized I had one little stretch mark and then everyday after that they multiplied!! They are so ugly and itch and burn!! But I know she’s so worth it! If this is the worst thing that happens I know it will be okay!

May 26th 2010 (32weeks/1day) – I had a routine doctors visit today and found out I’m not crazy the burning, flaming, itching stretch marks isn’t me being a baby I have pups! My mom also got them when she was pregnant with me and they are not fun! Hopefully I will be able to get them under control now that I know what they are, your welcome kid!

June 2nd 2010 (33weeks/1day) – We had a work baby shower at Daniel’s work; all his co-workers and his boss were there it was fun! We got a lot of cute things, and lots of diapers!!

June 9th 2010 (34weeks/1day) – I had a work baby shower up at my work and I was really blown away with how many people came and with all the nice stuff we got! Of course I have been working here for over five years so I have built some really good relationships! I love the people I work with/for!

So here we are today! You can Click Here to see monthly pictures of my baby bump!! (Again only if we are Facebook friends, if not you will have to add me!) My next appointment is June 22nd!!!!

4 weeks and 5 days left!!! Thats 33 days left!! Unless she decided to come early!!